PERFECT GEL 10-52-10

Product Description​

Humic base NPK purified with micronutrients to provide plants needs in best form


Total nitrogen 10% Soluble phosphorus 52% Soluble potassium 10% Humic extract 5%
Soluble Fe 0.12%, Soluble Zinc 0.12%, Soluble Manganese 0.12%, Soluble Boron 0.05%,
fulvic acid 0.15%, Free Amino acid 0.1%

Recommendation of use

Crop type Rate of use Method of use
Field crops5-7 kg/ per acreirrigation
Fruit trees30 - 50 gr/ each treeirrigation
Greenhouse700 to 1000 gr/ 1000 square meterirrigation
Registration number of product 92568
Operation license number : 17506
پرفکت ژل 10-52-10 PERFECT GEL