Product Description​

This product formulated to provide two essential nutrients in different stages of growth to plants, especially in early stages of growth as starter fertilizer for development of root system, this product is free of heavy metals, chlorine and harmful substances causes toxicity for plants, using of this product can remove sediment from irrigation system

Acid ph of this product (near 2) causes better absorption of nutrient elements from soil


Nitrogen (urea) 14% Phosphorus (p2o5) 23%

Recommendation of use

Crop type Rate of use Method of use
Field crops3.5 to 5.2 lit/ acre/ each applicationirrigation
Fruit trees35 to 70 cc / each tree/ each applicationirrigation
Greenhouse1.2 to 1.5 lit/ 1000 square meter / each applicationirrigation
Registration number of product:75440
Operation license number : 17506
اوره فسفات مایع نوین دراک LIQUID UREA PHOSPHATE