Novin Drak

 Novin drak Company has a 15 years record of activity in supplying and producing of fertilizers, at the present time we have a professional team in production factory, technical experts, commerce and R&D departments

We put our activity in basis of requirements of sustainable agriculture to save and protect resources of water and soil and producing the products with high compatibility with organic agriculture and high quality fertilizers according to specific requirements of each plants, today we are able to analyze, compute and produce specific formula for each plant to reach the highest performance and producing high amounts of yield

At the time we produce over than 30 different products and this range of products will be increasing very soon.


Drak’s new products are ready to be presented to neighboring countries and global markets with special packaging and world standards.

Pesticide production line

In the near future, Novin Drak Company will produce a pesticide production line that includes EC, WP, SL and other required pesticide with a special formulation.