Product Description​

This product is produced based on environmentally friendly amino acids and some types of plant proteins. Due to the similarity of the structural chain of these plant proteins with Viruses and Viroids, they can attach to the Virus and Viroid’s cell walls after spraying on the plant and lead to disposition in the tissue of the origin and therefore, preventing its development and spread to other tissues and plants in the field and greenhouses.

Control Vector insects such as Tick, White fly and Cicada before using Viroplus.

A nitrogen fertilizer with great absorbency such as Nitrogen plus should be injected in the form of liquid fertilizer at the root site, three days after spraying.

Viroplus in only used to control chilling stress and does not play a role in freezing stress control.

This product is effective in increasing the number of flowers and turning flowers to fruit and preventing Flower burns and etc. due to increasing pollination efficiency.


total nitrogen (N)6.23 %7.1%
soluble potassium5.44%6.2%
soluble iron (Fe)0.007%0.00798%
soluble zinc (Zn)0.014%0.0159%
soluble copper (Cu)0.004%0.00456%
soluble Manganese (Mn)0.042%0.0478%
Free amino acid1.9%2.166%
organic carbon19%21.66%

Recommendation of use

Crop type Rate of use (ml / 1 liter water)Method of use
Fruit trees5 - 6spraying
Greenhouse5 - 6spraying
Leafy vegetables4 - 5spraying
Crops and grains5 - 6spraying
Registration number of product : 02579
Operation license number : 17506
viro plus