Product Description​

This product is used at the beginning of the growing season, before flowering, to increase vegetative growth and root development. After flowering, it is used to increase the quantity and quality of the product, such as storage properties and fruit strength. The pelletized fertilizer contains 30% nitrogen and 3.5% calcium (to reduce soil pH). Due to the high levels of lime, high soil pH, and high water EC in most parts of Iran (especially in the south), nitrogen absorption faces many difficulties, leading to slow growth, yellowing, and stunted leaves and bushes. Nitrogen Plus fertilizer reduces soil pH by introducing an appropriate amount of calcium into the soil and provides suitable conditions for nitrogen uptake in the root environment.



total nitrogen (N)30 %
soluble calcium (Ca)3.5 %

Recommendation of use

Crop type Rate of use Method of use
Field Crops20 kg per acreirrigation
Fruit trees100 to 200 grams per tree, depending on the age and type of tree.irrigation
Greenhouse7 to 10 Kg per 5000 square meters.irrigation
Registration number of product : 17855
Operation license number : 17506
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