Product Description​

This product is extracted from fish residue by specific processes , the final product is full of natural growth promoting enzymes, organic matter, nutrient elements & amino acids that causes increasing soil microorganism, better plant growth , root development, flowering & better yield


Nitrogen 5% w/v Soluble phosphorus 5% w/v Soluble potassium 5% w/v
Soluble boron 0.03% w/v Organic matter 12% w/v

Recomention of use

Crop type Rate of use Method of use
Field crops4.5 to 9 litre per acre/each applicationirrigation
Fruit trees50 to 120 cc per ich tree/ each application irrigation
Greenhouse1500 to 2000 cc per each 1000 square metre/ each applicationirrigation
Registration number of product :56698
Operation license number : 17506
ارگانــوفیــش ORGANO FISH