Product Description​

Iron is one of the most important microelements in plants that involved whit many metabolic processes 

Staffer with 6 % iron and 3.2 % ortho ortho isomer with EDDHSA chelating agent can support plants needs of iron all over the season 


Total Fe 6 % Ortho ortho isomer 3.2 %
Chelating agent EDDHSA

Recomention of use

Crop typeRate of useMethod of use
Field crops 1.5 to 2.3 kg/ acrefertigation
Fruit trees
(stone fruit and seeded fruit) 50 to 120 gr/ each treefertigation
Greenhouse200 to 300 gr/ 1000 square meter/ each applicationfertigation
Operation license number : 17506
آهــن اســتافــر STAFFER