Product Description​

Iron is one of the most important microelements in plants metabolism that involved whit many metabolic enzymes and processes specially in citrus trees, in the case of the deficiency of iron leaves became yellow and only veins remain green, photosynthesis and yield amounts decrease and plants become weak 

Ferrodrak iron with high amounts of ortho ortho isomer and stability in various pH levels can support plant needs of iron all over the season 



Total iron 6 % Ortho ortho isomer 4.2 % Chelating agent EDDHA

Recomention of use

Crop typeRate of useMethod of use
Young citrus trees 8 to 12 gr / each treedeep placement
Medium size citrus trees30 to 50 gr / each treedeep placement
Mature citrus trees50 to 80 gr / each treedeep placement
Grape trees20 to 30 gr / each tree deep placement
Field crops0.9 to 1.4 kg / acrefertigation
Pistachio trees1.4 to 2.3 kg / acredeep placement
Stone fruit trees and seeded fruit trees15 to 60 gr / each treedeep placement
Grasses and ornamentals3 to 5 gr/ square metrefertigation
Operation license number : 17506
آهــن فــرو دراک FERRO DRAK