Product Description​

Micronutrients are used by plants in smaller amounts compared with macronutrients like NPK but they have important role in plants metabolism, micronutrients deficiency can disturb metabolic activities of plants, drak micromax with proper amounts of this elements with high quality and solubility can support plants needs all over the season 


Zn (%5), Mn (%4), Fe (%3), Mg (%3), Cu (%1), Mo (%0/3)

Recommendation of use

Crop typeRate of useMethod of use
Field crops100 to 200 gr / 100 lit of water spraying
Fruit trees150 to 250 gr/ 100 lit of water spraying
Greenhouse 150 to 200 gr / 100 lit of water spraying
Registration number of product :54283
Operation license number : 17506
دراک میــکرومکــس DRAK MICROMAX