Product Description​

Boron is a basic micronutrient in many metabolic functions in plants, such as nucleic acids, carbohydrates and proteins synthesis, auxin metabolism, and many other functions especially in fruit formation

Using boron must be under supervision of nutrition experts and soil and water examination because thin spectrum between deficiency and toxicity of this element,

Some plants needs more amounts of boron like sugar beet, sunflower and grape trees and some plants like citrus plants and cucumber are susceptible to high amounts of boron


Soluble boron 7.5 % w/w
Soluble boron 10 % w/v

Recomendation of use

Crop typeRate of use Method of use
Field crop50 to 120 cc /100 litre of waterspraying
Fruit trees70 to 150 cc / 100 litre of waterspraying
Greenhouse50 to 100 cc/ 100 litre of waterspraying
Sugerbeet 200 to 300 cc / 100 litre of waterspraying
Citrus trees30 to 70 cc/ 100 liter of waterspraying
Registration number of product : 61552
Operation license number : 17506
دراک بــر DRAK BOR